Orfeo is a technologically-advanced and innovative product in the acoustic branch.

This speaker can be perfectly integrated both in a modern house concept, where home becomes our own comfort zone and our senses are pampered, and in a public environment, where the solution of the sound diffusion is simplified by the efficiency and omni-directionality of the speaker.

In fact, thanks to this passive speaker, the sound is radially and uniformly diffused even in a 90-100 square meters space, always keeping a high quality in every point.
Orfeo is a MADE IN ITALY excellence, a revolutionary product, born by the genius of Italian minds and a careful, totally handmade manufacture.



La melodia è una forma di rimembranza. Deve avere la qualità dell’inevitabilità nelle nostre orecchie (Gian Carlo Menotti)

This particular glass sounding board spreads the sound uniformly and homogeneously, creating a totally revolutionary listening sensation. The sound source is not locatable by the ear, that independently concentrates just on the listening, increasing in this way the sound perception, decreasing the effort in listening and giving a new auditory dimension.

It has an extremely clean and clear sound like never played before, so it’s easy to let ourselves cheat and believe we’re listening to live music


È delizioso restare immersi in questa specie di luce liquida che fa di noi degli esseri diversi e sospesi. (Paul Claudel)

With its charming design Orfeo gives strength to its hybrid and original nature, using the volume of the soundboard as a light source container. The inner Leds are elements of dissipation and muffle the resonance acoustic waves, before being enlightening Leds


Forse il sole non passa attraverso il vetro senza romperlo? (Curzio Malaparte)

It is an element that, thanks to its vibrations, can cover the whole range of acoustics; the glasses players know very well that the sound emanated by the vibration of the glass is the purest you can desire but of course it’s also well known that, in the moment when the resonance note comes, it explodes and crumbles.
Thanks to a particular secret technique of glass manufacture and to the peculiar patented system of dynamic inner muffle, it has been possible to create the first harmonic blown-glass sounding board


Available in 4 finishings: clear glass, metal brassed, metal bronzed, metal anthracite







Pellisari & Mennella

In 2011 at the Index of Dubai the designer Francesco Aveta used the NacSound ceramic speakers and the NeoArt light sculptures for one of his exhibition, the combination of these two works in the same composition with the purpose to amaze led to the idea of combining them in the same work which could keep the same standards of high acoustic and luminous quality.
From that moment the designer Francesco Pellisar (NacSound) and the engineer Silvestro Mennella (NeoArt) started projecting and producing different prototypes until they succeeded with the creation in 2013 of the first Orfeo product; after that the patent followed, with 22 claims of innovation recognized, and the birth of the Pellisari & Mennella.


Francesco Pellisari Designer

Silvestro Mennella Research engineer